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New Agricultural Industry is one of “5+2 Industrial Innovation”, which is promoted by the National Development Council to accelerate the upgrading and transformation of Taiwan’s local industries. National Chung Hsing University is famous for his outstanding agricultural research and education, and actively develops the fields of engineering and electrical engineering and computer science. Collaborated with College of Law and Politics and College of Management, this proposal responds to major national agricultural and energy challenges by following the national agricultural and energy development policy, by establishing The Smart Sustainable New Agriculture Research and Development Center. The goal of this center integrates scholars with expertise in AI, green energy, and agriculture research and development in Taiwan, to develop adaptive agriculture under climate change.

Under the trend of digital transformation, this project integrates AIoT to establish plant and animal (bio) cultivation and management services, and integrates public and private sectors for agricultural management applications. Based on three spirts of New Agriculture, guaranteeing farmers, thriving agriculture development, and ensuring ecological sustainable development, the structure diagram of this project is shown in the figure, including 9 sub-projects divided into 4 major aspects: AI core technology, smart detection, smart cultivation, and smart pasture, and finally achieve the goal of smart sustainable agriculture of energy saving, carbon reduction, and labor saving.

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